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  • Q. Is the time the photographer attend a wedding limited?

    A. No, there is no time limits put on our attendance at your wedding (Within reason) although if you require a photographer through to the evening we do work better if we can have a little to eat. The only exception to this is our disc only services which normally only covers up to the start of your wedding breakfast but even this is negotiable. The other exception is with agreed time services such as our registry office service.

  • Q. What happens if the photographer is ill on the day of our wedding?

    A. Don't worry there is always someone to take over at short notice should the unforeseen happen.

  • Q. Can we have colour or black and white pictures? Do we shoot in digital format or film?

    A. We photograph everything in colour but you can have as many black & white pictures as you like - we can produce your whole album in black & white or sepia if you wish. Although most weddings are shot digitally we are very experienced in shooting with film if you would prefer.

  • Q. What kind of input can we have on the direction of the shots and the way our album is made up?

    A. We like you to give us an idea of the type of pictures you like and we will discuss the style of page layout you prefer in you album. There are no limits to the number of changes you make to the album content, we want you to be 100% happy with the proofs before we make the album. For wedding we always try to meet with couple a week or so before the wedding to discuss ideas, where this isn't possible we try discuss details on the phone.

  • Q. Who will take the photographs? Will there be one or two photographers?

    A. We only use professional photographers who we have trained and know that we can rely on. We are all more than capable in photographing your wedding on our own but we sometime cover weddings with two photographers. If you would be happier with two photographers please let us know when you discuss your requirements with us.

  • Q. If the weather is not good on the day what happens?

    A. As professional we cope, anyone can take nice pictures in nice weather but you have chosen professionals because we have photographed wedding in good, bad and appalling weather and still got the shots.

  • Q. Are there any extras that will be added to the price later on?

    A. No, all the prices we quote are fixed, its only if you change your mind, with the size of your album for instance, then we would have to make a price adjustment, but everything is inclusive with no hidden extras

  • Q. What wedding album suppliers do you use?

    A. We use a small family run lab to produce our albums, made using photographic prints and hand bound, they are some of the best album in the UK and should not be confused with digital offset which some photographers use to save money. If you have an album manufacturer in mind though we are more than happy to discuss this option with you.

  • Q. What kind of equipment will the photographer use?

    A. Professional cameras and lenses to ensure the best results. We always carry second cameras in case the unforeseen happens it would surprise you how many photographs don't have back up equipment. We also carry public liability and professional indemnity insurance.

  • Q. Can I purchase a royalty free CD with all the images on?

    A. Yes but all the pictures of your wedding are provided to you free with all our wedding packages, extra CDs can be supplied to you and your guests. Digital files from portrait sittings are also available. Pictures from weddings and portrait sittings are also are put on our photo ordering website for friends and family to view and purchase copies from if they wish (they can be password protected)

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